The Call to Action – Be Bold!

Christopher Durham, President, VELOCITY INSTITUTE

Christopher outlines the bold opportunity for the future of sustainability and the Retail Brands Industry.

Accelerating Sustainability at Wakefern Own Brands

Robert Zuehlke Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility, WAKEFERN

Robert Zuehlke, Wakefern Food Corp. Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility, will present the sustainability vision at Wakefern Own Brands

Retail Brand Owners and Sustainability – WAKEFERN, CARREFOUR

Tatiana Ryfer, Head of Branding & Visual Identity at CARREFOUR

Glenn Pfeifer, Design & Packaging Manager, WAKEFERN

Christopher Durham

Steps to Developing an Eco-friendly Brand

Paul Woodard, Senior Director, ORACLE RETAIL

Join this session to hear how retailers can adopt and validate ethical and sustainable supply chain practices to best position environmentally-friendly products.

Building Brands of Value with Values

Abby Ayers, Head of Retail & Factory Partnerships, FAIR TRADE USA

Retail Brands are national brands, and consumer expectations of our brands are higher than ever. The challenge for retailers is meeting expanded customer expectations: providing the highest quality product, which does no harm or drives actual impact at the best price. Hear why retailers are leading the way in creating brands with purpose and how you can too.

Eliminating Waste With Private Brands Built to Last

Clemence Schmid, Commercial Executive Vice President, LOOP

Clemence Schmid EVP of Loop discusses retail, private brand and their partnerships to eliminate the idea of waste with products that are built to last.

Sustainable Packaging – are you in the know?

Maria Dubuc, President, MBD

Have you ever picked up a package and wondered, can I recycle this? Or how do I recycle this? If your answer is yes, you are not alone. Enter How2Recycle – an easy standardized labeling system. Join Maria Dubuc from MBD, who will help you empower shoppers and provide transparency for Retail Brands.

Inside Maine’s Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging

Sarah Nichols, Director of Sustainable Maine, NRCM

On July 12, 2021, Maine became the first U.S state to pass an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for Packaging law requiring big corporations and manufacturers to help pay for the cost of recycling their wasteful packaging, much of it plastic. Sarah K. Nichols, NRCM Sustainable Maine Director will give attendees a look inside the program, its origins and its benefits.


A Look Ahead

Christopher Durham, President, VELOCITY INSTITUTE

A look at 2022 and new Velocity Institute benefits

Advancing our Sustainability Commitments – WALMART

Sarah Paskell, Senior Director, Private Brands, Packaging Design and Sustainability – WALMART

Cheryl Lam, Sustainability Packaging Leader, Private Brands – WALMART

Sustainability: Decoding consumer demand in Private Brands.

Tahir Taj, President International, DAYMON

Join Tahir as he explores consumers’ top sustainability priorities through the key pillars of environment, society, and economy and what this means for Private Brands. In this session, they will share how Private Brands can improve their sustainability initiatives and messaging —answering beyond consumers’ needs and considering these key pillars.

Consumer Relevance, Differentiation & the Promise of Sustainability – Tesco, Walmart

Paul Earnshaw, Sr Packaging Manager, TESCO

Ivo Petroff, Senior Category Manager, Walmart Canada

Solange Ackrill, VP Marketing & Corporate Strategy, Club Coffee

Cher Mereweather, President & CEO, Provision Coalition Inc.

Brenda Seto, Products of Change Canada Ambassador, North America Team

An interactive panel of diverse industry experts share unique perspectives to leverage sustainability & consumer relevance for Retail Brands.

Achieving Retail Brands CSR sustainability goals through strong partnerships – CVS HEALTH

Matt Thorsen, Director, store brands packaging, CVS Health

Neema Pourian, Director of engineering, Marks

How CVS Health partnered with Marks to successfully implement the How2Recycle program across store brand items in less than a year

Be Circular Now. Why Now is the Critical Time for to Pursue the Circular Economy

Juli Lassow, Owner & Principal, JHL SOLUTIONS

Converting to a Circular Economy operating system provides retailers with the opportunity to deliver meaningful results in the pursuit of a more sustainable business. In a COVID response world, demand for more sustainably sourced products and business models has only increased. And the resources and capabilities to deliver on these results have never been more plentiful. Retailers and their partners who provide clear, compelling commitments and results in supporting a more sustainable world will build loyalty and drive sales.

Retailers are increasingly looking to private brands to attract customers and develop deep bonds with them. Getting past generic “greenwashing” sustainability commitments is essential in building this trust. Retailers will need private label partners positioned to accelerate them on this sustainable journey, and the Circular Economy is quickly becoming the most impactful way to achieve this goal.

Retailers Can Change the World

Sabine Louet Feisser, Managing partner, YELLOW DRESS RETAIL

Lessons learned from retailers around Europe. How retail brands can be a part of the solution instead of the problem.

Authenticity in Sustainable Brand Management – GIANT EAGLE

Cara Mercil, Director of Sustainability, GIANT EAGLE

Join us as we navigate sustainability through the lens of private brands and discuss the importance of being authentic to your brand during the journey.





Retail Brands Succeed with Sustainability – Marketing By Design (MBD)

Private Brand Management – ORACLE RETAIL

Playing to your strengths with a sustainability mindset Retailers have the power to affect sustainable changes. – MARKS

RBI Talks with Tahir Taj – DAYMON


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