Walmart Holiday Swag From Their Sparkshop + Gopuff, Aldi, Waitrose & Vertex Awards

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Walmart Holiday Swag From Their Sparkshop + Gopuff, Aldi, Waitrose & Vertex Awards2023-12-10T17:09:59-05:00

Gopuff Launches New Health and Wellness Brand, Goodnow

Gopuff, the go-to platform for immediate delivery of consumers’ everyday needs, today announced the launch of Goodnow, a new Retail Brand (private brand) of health and wellness products. As consumers increasingly turn to Gopuff for OTC medications and their daily wellness needs, the instant commerce retailer developed its own brand designed to help customers feel

Gopuff Launches New Health and Wellness Brand, Goodnow2022-10-04T20:07:18-04:00

Gopuff Expands Basically

Gopuff, the fast-growing rapid delivery retailer launched its first (Retail Brand) private brand program in 2022, aptly called ‘Basically’, which includes everything from bottled water to batteries. Basically, whatever you need – they have it. The Basically brand architecture is very clever. Colorful geometric patterning lays the groundwork for this capable and refreshing new brand.

Gopuff Expands Basically2022-08-01T15:06:33-04:00

Gopuff Launches Basically

Jessica Glendenning, GM, New Verticals & Private Label Gopuff Today Gopuff, the rapid delivery convenience concept launched its first Retail Brand (private brand) Basically, marking the retailer’s entrance into private brand. Gopuff’s Basically gives customers access to high-quality snacks, water and home essentials at a great value. Gopuff Private Label is led

Gopuff Launches Basically2022-01-18T19:50:17-05:00