This FREE online summit will explore AI and its potential uses and pitfalls for private brands and retail. Presentations will include AI trailblazers, apologists, analysts, and thought leaders.

Retailer-owned Brands are at an inflection point with AI. Retail executives no longer consider AI the future but are asking their teams how they’ll deliver AI to be smarter, faster, and more customer-centric. Join us to hear from industry thought leaders and challengers to learn where the industry is going and how retail and its brands deliver on the promise of AI.

In the Private Brand and AI virtual summit, we will explore the following big things in AI and how they are relevant to the private brand industry, focusing on the most pertinent topics to retailers, manufacturers, and solution partners. Speed to Market, Customer Relevance, Product Development, Packaging, and Photography.


Welcome + AI, the Good, the Bad and the Terrifying!

Christopher Durham

Winning with Gen AI in Retail

Rachael Hadaway, SVP Product Management,

Troy Prothero, SVP Product Management – Supply Chain Solutions,

Challenges faced and lessons learned in developing Gen AI solutions for retail users

AI: The Last Big Thing

Evelio Mattos
Creative Director,
Packaging Unboxd

Evelio Mattos is a visionary in the world of packaging design, blending his expertise in packaging design with his cutting-edge use of Artificial Intelligence. Renowned for his transformative work with brands like Tesla and Google, or Marc Jacobs and Nespresso. His influential role in global design education he stands at the forefront of redefining packaging design and manufacturing for the future.

Cost-Effective Creativity with AI: Beyond Assignment and Stock, a world of new possibilities

Teri Campbell, Photographer, TERI STUDIOS

In this presentation, we’ll delve into the emerging field of AI-generated imagery, examining its role as a complement and potential alternative to traditional assignment, stock photography, or illustration. Join Teri Campbell, a renowned commercial food photographer who has seamlessly transitioned into an AI artist, as he brings over three decades of experience in shaping the visual identities of some of the world’s most celebrated brands. Teri will unfold his unique perspective on how AI is revolutionizing visual content creation, offering a glimpse into the future of imagery in advertising and branding.

Teri also shot the more than 200 private brand packages in Christopher Durham’s best sellers on Private Brand: Vanguard Vintage Originals and Fifty2: the My Private Brand Project.

Are you interested in discovering how AI-generated images can revolutionize your projects? Then, don’t miss this opportunity to learn how AI can elevate your creativity while optimizing time and cost-efficiency.

What to expect in AI and private brand in 2024?

Lisa St John, AI Innovator & Former Alibaba Private Brand Leader

Lisa St. John is a dynamic leader with 12 years of data-driven leadership experience and six years of managing director leadership of a private brand at Alibaba Group.

Her Shanghai Art Management & Consulting tenure within the Alibaba ecosystem showcases her extraordinary leadership. There, she managed a team of 72 and 10 private brands, driving the company to an unprecedented 1 billion annual sales revenue in 2018, with a staggering +45% CAGR in sales and +42% CAGR in net profits over five years.

A standout in the AI sector, Lisa has turned her attention to the transformative potential of artificial intelligence in business. Her insights have guided three pioneering Silicon Valley startups to revolutionize the retail and branding landscape. Her advisory role in these companies underscores her commitment to innovating at the intersection of technology and commerce.