ZARA Collabs with the Queen of Pink – Barbie

Fast Fashion retail giant Zara captures the Barbie craze with their latest Retailer-owned Brand (private brand) collaboration. The Zara x Barbie collection includes clothing, accessories, pajamas, beauty products, and home items. Zara’s Barbie capsule collection welcomes all genders to play dress-up with clothes for women and men. Of course, pink is the main focus, with

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Zara Parfum Intense

This is fashion retailer Zara’s top range of Retail-owned Brand fragrances. Spanish agency Lavernia & Cienfuegos designed a bottle with a rounded-off square cross-section, like the basic range, with a smooth and seamless transition in the meeting of the shoulders with the neck. It has heavy glass characteristic of premium fragrances and painted inner

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Play & Care Zara Kids

Spanish fast fashion retailer Zara has introduced a new collection of Retail-owned Brand (private brand) Play & Care Zara Kids bathroom range. Spanish agency Lavernia & Cienfuegos was tasked with creating a line of children’s soaps that were both attractive for the little ones and turned bath time into a game. TheEach product has a

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