From Fashion to Velocity a conversation with Laraine Durham

WATCH THE INTERVIEW The rapid transformation of private brands has become a cornerstone of contemporary retail strategy. In a compelling discussion on Velocity Talks, Laraine Durham, the Vice President of Marketing and Events at the Velocity Institute, shares invaluable insights on the growth of Retailer-owned Brands and the strategic pivots necessitated by the modern marketplace. Key Takeaways: Private brands have seen significant growth and acceptance, which is a testament to their improving quality and design. The Velocity Institute has been at the forefront of embracing technology and digital platforms, enabling global reach and virtual engagement. Upcoming industry events like

Passion for Good Food: Insights from Neil Stern, CEO, Good Food Holdings

WATCH THE INTERVIEW In this week's enlightening edition of Velocity Talks, Christopher Durham welcomes Neil Stern, the CEO of Good Food Holdings. The episode delves into the intricate journey of a seasoned consultant stepping into the role of a CEO, overseeing a group of gourmet and specialty retail brands stretching from Southern California to Seattle. The episode provides a deep dive into the retail landscape, private branding strategies, and the passion behind creating food products that define and differentiate upscale markets. Neil starts by sharing the origin story of his career in the retail industry, touching on innovative

Embracing the Future of Retail: Insights from Lowe’s Foods Anne Gooden Whitfield

WATCH THE INTERVIEW The retail landscape is ever-evolving, and understanding the journey and insights from industry leaders can be a compass guiding businesses towards success. In an engaging discussion with Anne Gooden Whitfield from Lowe's Foods on the Velocity Talks podcast, a rich array of topics were explored that underscore the importance of innovation, customer engagement, and staying ahead in the retail game. Key Takeaways Embracing Local and Experiential Retail: Lowe's Foods' focus on local partnerships and experiential stores sets them apart in a crowded marketplace. Redefining Private Brands: With a portfolio of distinctive private brands, Lowe's Foods

Packaging and Sustainability: An Expert’s Perspective with Kim Carswell

WATCH THE INTERVIEW In this episode of Velocity Talks, Christopher Durham, president of the Velocity Institute, invites Kim Carswell to dive deep into the nuances of private branding, sustainability, and packaging innovation. These show notes present an overview of Kim's illustrious career, her current endeavors, and her insights into the future of sustainable packaging in retail. Kim Carswell shares her extensive expertise in packaging, emphasizing the evolution of her knowledge from the protection and design of packaging to understanding consumer interaction and ultimately sustainable packaging principles. She details her journey and experience at Target, including the development of

Exploring Innovation in Retail and Private Brand with Justin Honaman of Amazon

WATCH THE INTERVIEW In this engaging episode of Velocity Talks, host Christopher Durham sits down with Justin Honaman from Amazon to delve into the intersection of retail, private branding, technology, and sustainability. As a pivotal figure at Amazon Web Services with expertise in worldwide retail and consumer goods, Justin offers profound insights on innovation within industry giants and startup brands alike. The discussion explores the rapid advancements in customer experience technologies and how retailers are leaning into innovation to enhance physical store experiences and shape new standards and strategies in sales, marketing, and engagement. With the shifting landscape

BuildingProfitable Private BrandConnections with Wayne Bennetof ECRM | RANGE ME

WATCH THE INTERVIEW The retail landscape is continually evolving, with new trends and challenges emerging as businesses strive to stay competitive and meet consumer demands. Private brands, also known as Retailer-owned brands, are an integral part of this dynamic industry. In a recent episode of Velocity Talks, Christopher Durham, president of the Velocity Institute, sat down with Wayne Bennett of ECRM and RangeMe to discuss the pivotal role of private brands in retail and the cutting-edge strategies employed by industry leaders to foster growth and innovation. Key Takeaways: Strategic Partnership Potential: Collaborations between organizations like Velocity Institute and

Velocity Talks – Catching Up with Private Brand Hall of Fame Member Tom Ewing

WATCH THE INTERVIEW Navigating the Evolving Landscape of Private Brands: Insights from Tom Ewing at Velocity Talks The private brand industry has witnessed transformative changes over the years, shifting from the early days of generic offerings to becoming a powerhouse in retail differentiation. Tom Ewing, an esteemed veteran in the private brand sector, recently shared his wealth of experience and insights with Christopher Durham during a Velocity Institute's Velocity Talks. The industry leader reflected on his journey, the evolution of the market, and his vision for the future of private brands. Here's what you need to know. Key

Velocity Talks: A Conversation with Joanne LaBounty of Spartanburg Meat Processing

WATCH THE INTERVIEW Welcome to Velocity Talks, where we dive deep into the world of Retailer-owned Brand / private brand manufacturing and explore the trends and innovations shaping the industry. In this episode, we had the pleasure of speaking with JoAnne Labounty, the owner of a USDA inspected meat plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina, Spartanburg Meat Processing Company. JoAnne shared her insights on the current state of the industry, her company's expertise in producing high-quality baby back ribs, and her plans for the future. Join us as we explore the themes that emerged from our conversation and discuss the

The Future of Sustainable Private Brands & the Food Industry with Lauren Porter, HowGood

WATCH THE INTERVIEW Welcome to Velocity Talks, where we have the privilege of engaging with thought leaders in the retailer-owned brand space. In this episode, we are excited to have Lauren Porter, Director of Growth and Innovation at Howgood, join us. Howgood is the world leader in helping food companies measure and communicate their sustainability impacts. With a focus on agricultural supply systems, Howgood provides granular sustainability data for the food system, enabling companies to analyze their carbon footprint, develop abatement strategies, and validate sustainability claims. In this thought-provoking conversation, Lauren shares insights into the growing importance of