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Kroger 2022 Fall Food Trends

Kroger announced this week the top fall food trends for 2022, which predicts trends, customer behavior and popular items for the upcoming season. With summer at its end, customers are planning for their favorite fall traditions – football games and Halloween. As football season ramps up, customers' top tailgating treats are chips, soft drinks, hot dogs, dips/salsa, and beer. "Our customers' favorite foods change alongside the seasons," said Juan De Paoli, vice president of Our Brands at Kroger. "This year, we know customers are experiencing an ongoing inflationary environment. We continue to do all we can to ensure our customers

Daymon Retail Insights Reveals ‘JOYment’ Megatrend

In their latest Daymon Retail Insights report, the team from Daymon explored how retailers are seeking to cultivate memorable experiences for consumers, providing joy, fun and escapism while also fitting into their daily routines – a megatrend known as ‘JOYment’. The report explores the three different journeys that JOYment can take in terms of consumer engagement, starting with one of humanity’s most basic needs. Seeking Comfort In a stressful world, consumers seek comfort in familiar routines and habits, many of which are driven by the products that they use daily. This can be interpreted in many forms – flavors that

IRI Releases Latest Insights on Food Inflation and the Consumer

Information Resources, Inc. (IRI), which recently merged with The NPD Group , today released new insights about food inflation and its impact on consumer shopping behavior. The insights leverage the latest point-of-sale data for July 2022 and include data covering all U.S. food channels, including e-commerce. July’s data shows that prices of consumer goods remain elevated across categories. Prices for food at-home rose 1.2% from the end of June to the end of July, and 14.4% year-over-year as of July 31. In June, at-home food prices rose 1.2% versus May, and 13.7% year-over-year as of June 30. “Consumers are responding

Aldi, Target, Amazon Lead with Fastest-Growing Private Brands

As Retail Brands (Private Brands) continue to grow data company Numerator has released a new study that examines trends across channels, retailers, consumer groups and product types. Overall, while smaller format grocery retailers lead in private brand share, Walmart dominates in household penetration with four of the top five brands in their portfolio. And as inflation continues to rise, more consumers indicate a willingness to trade from manufacturer products to private brand. “The days of treating private label products as untrackable are over,” said Eric Belcher, CEO, Numerator. “With market share now approaching 50% in some major categories, CPG

Top Private Brand Categories on The Move

With rising inflation and ongoing supply chain issues continuing to unsettle consumers, shopper intelligence leader Catalina is closely tracking the sales impact on grocery retailers’ Retail Brands (private brands). Private brand categories showing the biggest gains year to date through July 17, 2022, per Catalina’s Shopper Intelligence Platform, include Baking Mixes - up 40%, Soup - up 17%, Prepared Foods - up 12%, Dried Vegetables - up 11%, Canned Fish - up 10%, Cereal and Baby Food - both up 6% and Deodorant - up 4%.Among the insights gleaned from its recent analysis:The rise in unit sales of store brand staples like

Key Attributes Beyond Price Drive Shoppers to Private Brand

FMI—the Food Industry Association today releases its 2022 Power of Private Brands report, revealing that 40% of consumers have bought more private brands since before the pandemic, and three-quarters of these shoppers plan to continue this trend. While 63% of private brands shoppers consider private brands to be a good value and 55% buy private brands because they are less expensive, additional factors are driving consumer affinity for these products, including quality, taste, sustainability and contributions to health and well-being. “While we know price and out-of-stocks have led consumers to try more private brands, we’re seeing these factors aren’t

Private Brand Loyalists Now Equals National Brands

In a once-in-a-generation cost-of-living-crisis, Retail Brand (private brand) loyalists (shoppers that buy them over 75% of the time) now equal those of national brands loyalists in all key European markets, according to IRI’s latest report – Private Labels: Hiding in Plain Sight. Around 50% of shoppers switch between both with most now appearing in the mid-income bracket, but also with high-income cohorts in France and Germany. Private label shoppers are looking beyond price. Where they intend to spend more or less in 2022 and beyond, is in line with wider category trends. The report finds that modern private label brands

Retail Brands Product Launches Outpace CPG Brands

While the number of new product introductions has fallen during the first two years of the pandemic -- with Retail Brands (private brands) introducing nearly 34% fewer products in 2020 and 54% fewer products in 2021— new CPG Brands dropped substantially more—down 46% and 65% respectively—compared to 2019. Amidst the overall pullback in 2020, Private Brand retailers focused on several categories for new product growth in 2021, according to data pulled from shopper intelligence leader Catalina’s Buyer Intelligence Database. For example, the ready-to-eat cereal category saw a 48% decrease in new product introductions for Private Brands vs. a 53% decrease

10 Food Trend Predictions for 2022 from Kroger

Kroger today announced its 2022 Food Trends Report, which predicts emerging food trends, consumer behaviors and popular items for the year ahead. This fourth-annual report centers on the continued dominance of at-home meals, powered by convenience, affordability, social gatherings, and the desire for sustainable and nutrient-rich food items. Kroger's 2022 Food Trends Report is curated by Kroger's food experts – from Retail Brands (private brand) product developers to culinary specialists. The report contains 10 top trends that will influence consumer food purchases in 2022, while uncovering the "why" behind the trends. Overall, the trends can be broken down

Evolving Consumer Demand For Retail Brands

The latest report from IRI takes a look a the changing demand for Retail Brands (private brand). Consumers have historically gravitated to store brands in challenging economic times, but private label products aren't outpacing their name brand counterparts today. This report provides an update on this surprising store brand landscape. It also identifies retailer opportunities to increase demand for their own-brand and private label offerings and embrace the true power of these high-margin, high-potential products. Highlights: After decades of growth, private brands have lost share in recent years and throughout COVID-19. Supply challenges have affected on-shelf availability of many