Albert Heijn Organizes Packathon for Packaging Innovation

On March 31, Ahold Delhaize owned Dutch grocer Albert Heijn will hold the AH Packathon: a competition in which sustainable thinkers, creative designers and other experts can work on their idea for a sustainable packaging innovation and then pitch it to the jury. The competition contributes to Albert Heijn's ambition to use less and 100% recyclable packaging material. The winner of the AH Packathon is invited to further develop and realize the idea together with Albert Heijn. Henk van Harn, director of merchandising and sourcing at Albert Heijn: “Product packaging is important for food safety, a longer shelf life

Celebrate the Holidays with Trader Joe’s Boozy Macarons

Not since Dickens’ A Christmas Carol have three spirits had such an impact on the holiday season! Combining the elegantly light and pillowy texture of a Parisian-style macaron with the rich, full flavors of premium rum, French XO brandy, and Cointreau triple sec liqueur, Trader Joe’s Boozy Macarons come from a supplier in France who specializes in fun, festively flavored macarons, just like these. For each of the three distinct flavors, they add a bit of the respective spirit directly into the batter, so that every bite is a little like a cocktail in crisp, chewy, sandwich cookie form. A

Get Salty with Trader Joe’s Portuguese Flor de Sal

Similar to its French equivalent, Fleur de Sel, Trader Joe’s Portuguese Flor de Sal is collected by hand, from a thin layer of salt crystals that form on the surface of the sea—it’s a gentle process, unlike traditional sea salt harvesting methods that use machines. The Salt crystals are small, delicate, and flaky— the name means salt flower in Portuguese. This Salt contains more moisture than traditional sea salt. It’s preserved in a ceramic crock and topped with a cork lid, which helps protect the crystals and keep them from drying out—it’s a terrific vessel that makes this salt tremendously

Trader Joe’s & the Taste of Spain

If there’s a hall of fame for side dishes, Spanish rice must surely hold a place of honor within it. Also known as Mexican rice or arroz rojo, this delectably savory and richly aromatic dish of skillet-toasted, garlic-and-tomato seasoned, beautifully red-and-yellow-hued rice is a consummate companion for all kinds of entrées, ranging from tacos and enchiladas to grilled seafood and roast chicken. Of course, like any hall-of-fame worthy side, it can be a bit time-consuming to prepare from scratch. That’s why Trader Joe’s is excited to offer shoppers Spanish Style Rice. Each box contains two pouches of pre-prepared Spanish Style

Amazon Expands Aplenty with 100+ New Seasonal Products

Amazon has expanded its Retail Brand (private brand) Aplenty with the addition of more than 100 new products that showcase seasonal fall flavors. The new products join the brand which was launched in the spring of 2021. The retailer touts the new range this way “With the cool weather upon us, Amazon’s private label food brand, Aplenty, is excited to introduce more than 100 new delicious products sure to satisfy your seasonal cravings, from everyday staples to special indulgences, Aplenty offers products that are thoughtfully crafted, using high-quality ingredients and cooking methods to deliver delicious flavor." The new fall range

Wakefern Announces Supplier Innovation Summit Winners

This past week Wakefern Food Corp announced the winners of its first-ever Own Brands Supplier Innovation Summit. The summit, held in July, provided an opportunity for Retail Brand (private brand) manufacturers to present their new and trending food and beverage products for potential inclusion in Wakefern’s Vertex award-winning brands Bowl & Basket and Wholesome Pantry. The winners include Delica North America in the candy category, Prana Gourmet Foods for prepared foods, GlutenLibre for frozen appetizers, and The Perfect Bite Company in frozen entrees. “We are incredibly proud of the teamwork that went into making our very first Own Brands

SPAR Norway supports local with Taste of Norway brand

SPAR Norway is supporting local producers with its new Taste of Norway Retail Brand (private brand) (Smaken av Norge) in SPAR and EUROSPAR stores across the Norway. The suppliers involved in the new range offer sustainable, genuine and authentic food experiences and create ripple effects in their local communities. SPAR is present across Norway, from north to south and east to west, in large cities, smaller towns, villages, hamlets, by fjords and mountains and even on the outermost island. In all these areas, there are also outstanding local producers. With its Taste of Norway brand, SPAR has brought together products

Wakefern Announces First Own Brands Supplier Innovation Summit

Wakefern Food Corp. announced this week the winners of its first Own Brands Supplier Innovation Summit. The event which was held in July, gave manufacturers the stage to pitch new innovative products to Wakefern brand executives. Winners may be included in one of their Vertex award-winning private brands Bowl & Basket and Wholesome Pantry. The four winners' products will join the range of Wakefern’s Bowl & Basket or Wholesome Pantry brands by spring 2023. “We are incredibly proud of the teamwork that went into making our very first Own Brands Supplier Innovation Summit such a successful and rewarding endeavor,” said

Marks & Spencer Launches New Vegetarian Range

UK-based retailer Marks & Spencer (M&S) is launching a new range of Retail Brand (private brand) vegetarian meals, Veggie, in response to customers' growing demand for more vegetarian choices.Available this past week ahead of World Vegetarian Day (October 1st), the range includes a choice of 14 delicious vegetarian meals developed by the retailer’s in-house chefs. Choices include Veggie Roasted Butternut Risotto (370g - £4) and Veggie Roasted Mushroom Ravioli (355g - £4).Research from M&S shows vegetarians often feel overlooked – over 60% are unhappy with the number of vegetarian options in supermarkets and restaurants, while almost two-thirds said that there

Trader Joe’s Taste of the Season: Pumpkin Cheesecake Croissants

This year’s holiday Trader Joe's tasting panel didn’t need much convincing to vote an enthusiastic “YES!” on the latest Retail Brand (private brand) Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Cheesecake Croissants. Each Croissant starts as a roughly four-inch square of all-butter dough. (Perhaps they are using “croissant” loosely, as these are not traditional, crescent-shaped croissants.) Their supplier tops said square with a scoop of impossibly creamy, cheesecake-inspired filling of cream cheese, pastry cream, velvety pumpkin purée, and a warming blend of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and ginger. Bake these beauties from frozen (no proofing required!) in a 350°F oven for 25-30 minutes, and you’ll