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Walmart’s Sustainable Fashion + Ikea, Bath & Body Works & Hall of Fame News

WATCH NOW! In this latest installment of Velocity this Week , hosted by Christopher Durham, we explore the realm of Retailer-owned Brands with a special focus on recent achievements, technological advances in sustainable apparel, and exciting brand collaborations. Kicking off the week, Christopher illuminates the prestigious Private Label Hall of Fame inductions, spotlighting veterans who've shaped the landscape of private brands. Delving deeper, the episode pivots to a groundbreaking collaboration between Walmart and Unspun, where 3D weaving technology is set to revolutionize apparel manufacturing for increased sustainability and efficiency. Following this, we learn of Ikea's latest addition

Trader Joe’s Goes Viral + Kroger, Aldi & Coles News

WATCH NOW! In this week's engaging episode of Velocity This Week, Christopher Durham dives deep into the dynamic and ever-evolving world of retailer-owned brands, specifically emphasizing private brand initiatives and how they are shaping the retail landscape. With a strong focus on new product launches, sustainability, and private brand phenomena, listeners are treated to a panoramic view of the latest trends and consumer behaviors influencing the market. The intricate discussion weaves together insights from prominent retail chains such as Kroger, Trader Joe's, Coles, and Aldi, highlighting their distinct approaches to product innovation, marketing strategy, and sustainability practices.

Kroger, Walmart, 7-Eleven, and Target Drive Growth in Private Brands

WATCH NOW! In this latest episode of Velocity Talks, Christopher Durham takes us through a whirlwind of updates in the private brand sector, demonstrating the sector's growing influence and innovation. Engage with us as we dissect key market strategies and developments that are shaping the retailer-owned brand landscape. From grocery giants to convenience store chains, this episode is brimming with rich content reflecting the diverse and dynamic nature of the industry. Kroger's optimistic outlook for 2024 sets the stage, revealing how retailer-owned brands are a driving force behind its burgeoning success. Subsequently, 7-Eleven's new on-the-go dining options

Velocity This Week: Kroger, Albertsons, Grocery Outlet, AWG, JC Penny & Private Brand Sets Records

WATCH NOW! This episode of 'Velocity This Week' focuses on the latest news and insights into retailer-owned or private brands, with a broadcast date of March 5th, 2024. Key stories include the FTC and state attorneys intervening in the Kroger Albertsons merger over competition concerns, record-breaking sales growth for private brands in 2023, Grocery Outlet's plans to launch its private brand with up to 100 new SKUs by the end of 2024, JC Penney's collaboration with Johnny Wujek for an exclusive prom collection, and AWG Brands' enhanced quality commitment through a partnership with Daymon. The episode also

Aldi Unleashes California Heritage Collection, Target Collaborates with Diane von Furstenberg + More News!

WATCH NOW! Welcome to the latest installment of Velocity This Week, where we dive deep into the vibrant universe of private, or retailer-owned brands. Get ready for an expedition through industry revelations that are defining the landscape of value and quality for discerning customers. In this episode, our host, Christopher Durham, president of the Velocity Institute, unveils thrilling updates that encapsulate trends, sustainability efforts, and landmark collaborations. From Aldi's irresistible Californian wine collection to Spartan Nash's premium private brand launch, the episode touches on the evolving consumer expectations for quality and affordability. Moreover, we travel north to Metro's

Target Launches Dealworthy + Walmart & HEB News

WATCH NOW! Navigating the Future of Retailer-Owned Brands: Innovations from Target to Walmart In this episode of Velocity This Wek, host Christopher Durham takes listeners through an exciting journey in the universe of retailer-owned brand / private brands. In a tone that's both informational and engaging, Durham provides listeners with the latest updates, thoughtful insights, and developments that are shaping the industry. From Target's launch of DealWorthy to H-E-B's heartwarming Super Bowl commercial and Walmart's bold move into tech, the episode is a treasure trove for anyone interested in the world of private branding. Key Takeaways Target's Dealworthy:

Target’s Up&Up Brand Relaunch: Higher Quality Standards and Hundreds of New Products

WATCH NOW! In this episode of Velocity This Week, Christopher Durham brings the latest news in the world of retailer-owned brands / private brand /private label. He discusses the viral success of Walgreens' gummy mango candy on TikTok, Target's relaunch of their up&up brand with higher quality standards, Good Food Holdings' introduction of their first companywide private brand, Macy's launch of the State of Day restwear brand, and 7-Eleven's new Valentine's Day treats. Durham also shares information about upcoming events and invites retail speakers to join the Velocity stage. Retailer-Owned Brands Take Center Stage: Unveiling Innovative Products and Engaging

Private Brand Goes to the Dogs + Petco, Pets at Home, Fresh Thyme & Waitrose NEWS

WATCH NOW! This Week in Private Brand: Beauty, Pets, and More Welcome to Velocity This Week, Tuesday, February 6th, 2024. This is our weekly look inside the world of Retailer-owned Brand news with a healthy dose of insights and opinions. In this week's edition, we have exciting stories on pets and beauty, highlighting the latest developments in the private brand industry. Fresh Thyme Market's New Beauty Range Fresh Thyme Market has recently debuted a new range of retailer-owned brand natural beauty products. Designed by an LA-based agency, this line brings a modern and confident approach to private brand

Trader Joe’s, JCPenney’s, Kroger, and More: A Weekly Update on Retailer Owned Brands

WATCH NOW! Retailer-owned brands / private brands are increasingly becoming a force to reckon with in the consumer market, driven by their unique ability to offer distinctive products that resonate with shoppers. From Trader Joe's customer-acclaimed snacks to JCPenney's philanthropic clothing line, the push for private labels is reimagining retail boundaries and consumer expectations. This narrative is punctuated by innovative marketing strategies, as seen with Ikea's premium brand stunt, and concerted efforts to cater to diverse communities and consumer lifestyles. Let’s dive into the insights from the week's retailer-owned brand news and examine how these brands are shaping

Target Launches New Brand: Gigglescape + Numerator, Home Depot, Costco & Aldi News

WATCH NOW! In this week's enlightening episode of Velocity, host Christopher Durham takes a deep dive into the dynamic world of retailer-owned brand news. The landscape of consumer goods is ever-evolving, and the past year has marked a significant surge in the popularity of retailer-owned brands across various sectors. With 2023 witnessing an increase in demand for value-driven and innovative products, private brands have positioned themselves as key players in the retail space. Christopher Durham’s prolific insights on retailer-owned brand news serve as the perfect guide to understanding these market shifts. Let's delve into the key highlights and