Portuguese Grocer Continente Launches Tasty Crickets

Dehydrated and seasoned crickets to enjoy as a snack or topping are the latest novelty in the Portugal Bugs range available at Continente stores in the Food Lab corner.

Tasty Crickets with Sea Salt (RPP €4.49), Thyme and Pepper (RPP €4.49), and Tomato and Oregano (RPP €4.49) are the three new dehydrated crickets available.

Produced by the start-up Portugal Bugs, based in Matosinhos, these products have the pioneer seal in Portugal ‘ Continent Food Lab’, a project that facilitates the dissemination of the most innovative items and new global food trends to Continente customers. The ‘Continente Food Lab’ products are launched in an experimental and dynamic perspective, in which customer feedback is crucial for them to remain in stores. It is present in 10 hypermarkets and online.

Insects, consumed by about a third of the world’s population, constitute a sustainable source of protein and are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. It should be noted that these products may cause allergic reactions to consumers with a known allergy to crustaceans and derived products and to dust mites. When compared to other animal protein sources, insect production has a lower environmental impact due to a smaller water footprint, lower greenhouse gas emissions, lower feed consumption, and lower requirement for fertile soil.

Continente was the first Portuguese national retailer to sell insect-based food products after the Directorate-General for Food and Veterinary Medicine (DGAV) authorized the consumption of seven species of insects in the country. The first products were launched in August 2021 through the ‘Continente Food Lab.’

Raw insect bars (available in four flavor combinations: chocolate and almond, fig and orange, apple and cinnamon, peanut butter and honey) are the items with the highest number of sales in Continente stores.

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