Sainsbury’s, CVS Health + Wakefern to Headline FREE Virtual Innovation Summit

Featuring Executives From


Innovation and Retail-Owned Brands

Christopher Durham will present a look at Velocity Institute’s recently completed exclusive Industry Research on innovation and private brands, with insights from retailers, manufacturers, solution partners, agencies, consultants, and more.

Christopher Durham
Velocity Institute

The Innovation Conversation with Claire Hughes Director of Product Development & Innovation at Sainsbury’s

A fireside chat with Claire Hughes, Director of Product Development & Innovation at Sainsbury’s.Christopher & Claire will discuss innovation, private brands, and the iconic British retailer.

Claire Hughes
Director of Product Development & Innovation

Christopher Durham
Velocity Institute

From Waste to Wealth: Uncovering the Intersection of AI,
Sustainability & Packaging Design

What if the packaging we create could be automatically designed with sustainability in mind from the very beginning? This talk will explore the opportunities at the intersection of AI, sustainability, and packaging design and how they can help us move toward a more circular economy. From reducing carbon footprint to creating new business opportunities, this is a conversation you won’t want to miss. Join Evelio as he uncovers the untapped potential of sustainability in the age of Ai.

Evelio Mattos
Founder/Host Package Design Unboxd

Retail-owned Brand Industry Innovation Panel 2023

A conversation about the current state of private brand innovation and the
opportunity for the future.

Pamela Ofri
Director of Own Brand Center of Excellence, WAKEFERN

Deborah Wolman
VP Innovation & Sustainability, Nature’s Touch Frozen Foods

Heather Corkery
Executive Director Store Brands, CVS HEALTH

Christopher Durham
Velocity Institute

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By Published On: April 6th, 2023

About the Author: Christopher Durham

Christopher Durham is the president of the Velocity Institute. Prior to this he founded the groundbreaking site My Private Brand. He is the co-founder of The Vertex Awards. He began his retail career building brands at Food Lion and Lowe’s Home Improvement. Durham has worked with retailers around the world, including Albertsons, Family Dollar, Petco, Staples, Office Depot, Best Buy, Metro Canada. Durham has published seven definitive books on private brands, including Fifty2: The My Private Brand Project and Vanguard: Vintage Originals.