Velocity President Christopher Durham named 2023 Top Retail Influencer

This week RETHINK Retail named the recipients of the 2023 Top Retail Influencers Award. Sponsored by Microsoft, the award recognizes academics, analysts, association leaders, industry experts, and media members who are at the forefront of retail industry thought leadership. This year’s honorees included Velocity Institute President Christopher Durham.

“I am excited to be honored alongside my heroes and colleagues. This is the group leading the charge to dramatically accelerate both change,” said Christopher Durham, Velocity Institute President, “the future of retail and Retail-owned Brands (private brand) has never been so exciting and never been so primed for growth and reinvention.”

The 2023 Top Retail Influencers represent a diverse collection of the brightest and most innovative minds that are transforming the world of commerce. Although our awardees come from various specialties and backgrounds, they share a common thread: they are THINKERS shaping understanding of this industry and driving it forward— and we thank them for their contribution to this space.

“This group collectively has so much wisdom and insight, they are literally helping to reshape the state of retail today,” said Julia Raymond Hare, RETHINK Retail’s Editor-in-Chief, “This is a time of unparalleled transformation in retail and now, more than ever, the industry needs thought leaders to guide and inspire us.”

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