Carrefour Partners with Nous Anti-GaspI

In partnership with NOUS anti-gaspi – trailblazing stores in the drive to tackle food wastage – French grocer Carrefour is exclusively selling 30 products in its Paris-region hypermarkets and will later expand this initiative to the rest of the country. Carrefour wants to bolster its customers’ purchasing power, while at the same time changing the way things are done in retail.

Healthy products at very affordable prices

With this new range, Carrefour is aiming to bolster its customers’ purchasing power, giving them healthy products at very affordable prices. On sale at up to 20% cheaper, the Nous anti-gaspi range features numerous everyday fresh products, including a number of organic ones. And all of them are made in France, or more specifically in their historical regions. For example:

  • A box of six eggs laid by free-range hens will be available at €1.08;
  • Pays d’Auge cheese made from raw milk will be available at €1.90 for 200 kg;
  • Superior French-origin cooked ham will be available at €10.40 per kilogram;
  • A 200 g box of French-origin smoked bacon lardons will be available at €1.50;
  • Organic French-origin cucumbers will be available at €1.29 each;
  • French-origin peaches, nectarines and apricots will be available at €1.99 per kilo;
  • 180 g of French-origin country pâté will be available at €1.15.

A pioneering, hard-hitting initiative to tackle food wastage

As a pioneer in tackling food wastage, Carrefour wants to change the way the retail sector operates, by exclusively selling 30 NOUS anti-gaspi brand products in its Paris-region supermarkets. These are products which may have physical defects (in terms of their weight, shape or size), they may have earlier use-by dates or they may be produced to order so as to avoid production surpluses. Consequently, they will not be consistent with the standards of the traditional retail channels*.

Following a preliminary testing phase in the Paris region, sales of these products will be extended to the rest of the country. Carrefour will then be able to test the appetite that consumers have for a more variable and non-permanent range, but one that is more economical thanks to reduced wastage. The retailer will then sell other products in this way, based on customer feedback.

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